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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Life just get's in the way


I haven't use my blog in a very long time. I got bored and didn't think blogging was a thing anymore. I have also been really busy with my 2 year at university, with different projects and finding work placement. I have selected a few of my projects that i'm working on at moment As a sneak preview of what my upcoming blog post will be. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

London Fashion Week

The last months and a half I have been busy emailing and attending interviews for London Fashion Week. For the last 8 days I have been helping with Preparations for London Fashion Week, with a few designers. I have been delivering invites all over london and I notice on my way around, that London have been showing their support for fashion week. Finally the day is here! Yesterday was the first day of London Fashion Week! The bad weather didn’t stop the fashion kids of the  London of the street. After finishing one of my internships yesterday evening I took a trip to Someset House, to see the venue and have some wine! I almost forgot it was Valentines day until Pretty Little Things , were giving out goodie bags. 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Fashion February

            Today is the second day off the opening of 
           the photographer David Bailey, Bailey's Stardust
           exhibitions. At the National Portrait Gallery in
           London. I visited it today whilst I was in and out
           of preparations for London Fashion Week. The National
           Portrait Galley is a five minute walk from Somerset
           Hosue. So in-between shows and party's for LFW go 
           check it out!! Ticket's are £13.50 for Concessions 
           and Full price is £16. David Bailey is one of the 
           most famous fashion photographer's of british history.
           He is known for taking black & white portrait's of  
           famous people. The exhibit features over 250 
           photograph's personally selected from Bailey himself.
           Such as photograph's of Kate Moss , Jean Shrimpton and            Mick Jaggeer. Bailey's "Supper Stars". He has also
           photographed famous photographer's such as Man Ray and
           Cartier- Bresson which feature in the exhibit. This 
           has been my favourite exhibition so far this year.                                    

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Collaboration Time

            My Two favourite designers are collaborating
            with high street brands. Katy Eary (top) is 
            collaborating with High Street brand riverland
            the collection will be featuring 18 pieces, such
            as maxi dress that are covered in animal print,
            T-shirt and skirts that price range from £20-£120.
            I am hoping to buy a T-shirt from the                              collaborations. The next designer is Peter Pilotto.
            The designer will be paring up with the USA brand                 Tagret. The collection is for Spring/Summer 14 and 
            features swim wear, dress and suits and pants. All
            of the garments and embellished with Piltto
            signature print's. The collection will be available
            to buy from I am hoping
            to purchase a playsuit or a dress. 
            Katy Eary Collaboration Launches 17th February
            Peter Pilotto: Launches 9th February    

Friday, 10 January 2014

Pop Art Fabric Prints

                                                                                                                  AmberHaly ©
           As many of you know I have been inspired by
           pop art. From my previews shoot I have developed
           textiles fabric prints which I think we be really
           cool for spring/summer14 collection. I plan to
           make sample t-shirts with one or two prints.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Magazine story: Pop Tart

         After a long process I have final finished my pop art
         fashion story. I did serval photoshoots before I got
         to my final outcome. I had lot of inspiration from Andy
         Warhol. I had to choose a magazine company that I 
         thought my shoot fitted I chose Pop Magazine.I am very 
         pleased with my fashion story and would liked to thank
         my models very much for helping me out. xo 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

London Collection:Men

          Over the with last 6 days I have been interning for 
           Kit Neale helping him and his team get ready
           to show of their A/w14 collection at the London
          Collection:Men show , that took place at Victoria 
          House. I was working backstage with the beautiful
          model's from supa model management helping them get
          into the collection. I love Kit Neale elephant and 
          castle print, the bright bold colours show off the 
          collection, my favourite piece is the rat and mousse
          look, it's fun and very original. I also helped out 
          at Katy Eary show backstage. I love the leopard print
          in the her collection which is Katy trade mark. Her 
          collection was inspired by punk and mickey mouse. The
          crazy hair on the models is amazing love love!! On my 
          out I bumped into Made in Chelsea star Procklock. He
          just been to see Katy Eary show and thought her
          collection was amazing.